Sunday, July 1, 2012

Today, the man and I lunched @ the PeraMakan restaurant at the Santa Grand Hotel East Coast.  
The whole of East Coast Road was a mind boggling conundrum - people, vehicles, more people.  The hotel/restaurant is situated across the road from The Holy Family church and Mass was just over........parking henceforth was a problem.  The limited parking lots at the back of the hotel are reserved for hotel guests and not for patrons of the restaurant.  This hotel is a conservation project with the old pre-war houses serving as the base and the hotel being built upwards.  This hotel is a small chain as they are located in other locations as well.  I'd imagine that this is a 'better' location as its in a 'good' part of the that I mean its not in can google it and find out the other locations.  I think the restaurant is also part of a small chain......

On a hot Sunday afternoon in Singapore, the above attire would be best way to go.


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