Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Took time out from my crafting to spend some time with my Mum over lunch.  We took her for Peranakan food, at the PeraMakan Restaurant in East Coast.  We had a good time as she reminisced her childhood.  She lived opposite the hotel, along Sea Avenue and then she'd go across the road to Chapel Close for her piano lessons. She pointed out the homes of the Barker, Quintal, Galistan and several other Eurasian families. She remembered sitting in the front garden of the house in the evening all bathed and dressed and puffed with baby powder,  on a chair with the black and white amah hovering around as she with  her friends in the neighbouring houses.  Her Mum would be playing mahjong with the Nonyas from the neighbourhood.  It was really nice listening to all the stories and having her describe how different the area used to be/look.  Katong was an Eurasian and Peranakan enclave.  Much of our food - on the Asian side of our heritage - would be adaptation of peranakan recipies. A little collage of some of the dishes we had today.


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